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INTREorg helps a company’s executive team and board of directors establish policies and procedures to manage the complexities of shareholder services. In addition to providing companies with the tools to manage shareholder services, we can also manage shareholder services for you.

Managing a publically traded company involves an understanding of the fact that you are running two companies at one time. Public company CEO’s need to be able to understand the “other” products they have to keep an inventory of: the equity or debt instruments that trade openly in the public markets. To be an effective shareholder advocate a CEO needs to understand these key areas of the business:

  • What type of investors do we need?
  • What type of investors do we have?
  • How do we insure that we have the right funding partners?
  • Where do we find them?
  • How do we secure them under the guidelines set forth under the solicitation rules that are governed by the State and Federal Securities Laws?

You need education and timely data to answer these questions in order to bring true Shareholder Value that allows you to truly balance the two companies you run on a daily basis. In order to do this you need to fully comprehend these key areas:

  • Shareholder Transfers
  • Tracking Access to Material Non-Public Information
  • Investor Relations
  • Use of Debt and Equity to Fund Growth
  • And much more

The management teams of publicly traded companies are often pulled in many directions from managing the day to day operations to planning the future of the company and even shareholder services. Each of these requires different talents and skill sets. Many companies fail to understand the importance or lack the skill set to manage shareholder services. Contact us to see how we can help.

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