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Capital Funding Strategies

Raising capital for Micro-Cap, Small-Cap and sometimes even Mid-Cap companies can be difficult. These often thinly traded stocks have proven to be fertile ground for unscrupulous investors, funding sources and even insiders which exponentially increases the risk of what are already risky investments.. Many small companies with good businesses are underfunded and in need of capital to grow their business and increase shareholder value which is why they went public in the first place.

At INTREorg, we are able to help companies to navigate the difficult process of raising money to help them grow their businesses. INTREorg has an extensive network of investors who invest in Micro-Cap, Small-Cap and Mid-Cap companies. This network understands the power of INTREorgs Share Tracking Analytics and Consulting and its ability to identify and give companies the information they need to combat “bad” investors from destroying shareholder value.

In addition INTREorg often takes a position in client companies as a way to align both companies’ interests in our ongoing “partnership”.

As part of our Capital Funding Strategies, INTREorg provides companies with Stock Inventory Modeling, recommendations for timing and pricing of offerings and tools for improving investor relations.

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