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Public Companies and their management face an ever increasing responsibility to understand and effectively monitor compliance with a variety of Federal and State securities laws, listing market regulations and Self-Regulatory Organization rules.

Management is charged with the ultimate responsibility to detect and prevent violations of the securities laws in connection with issuing and trading in its stock. To help with this ever increasing burden on management, INTREorg provides a public company and its executive team, general counsel and outside counsel with critical, real time compliance monitoring tools to assist with insuring effective regulatory compliance in critical areas.

In addition to providing the tools, INTREorg can provide the services to assist in collecting, evaluating and monitoring critical information about the Company and its stock in the secondary market. By providing comprehensive, readily accessible reports that identify critical trends or information concerning the Company, its stock and shareholders, INTREorg can be instrumental in managing compliance risks including:

Issuing Securities

  • Monitoring for Section 5, unregistered offering compliance
  • Tracking and monitoring private sales and transfers of securities
  • Establishing and enforcing effective Rule 144 legend restriction policies
  • Regulation D/Rule 504 and 506 exemption monitoring
  • State Blue Sky exemption compliance monitoring

    Secondary Market Activity

  • Identifying and tracking shareholder activity
  • Tracking broker and intermediary activity in the company’s stock
  • Monitoring underwriter and market maker share trading, inventory activity and pricing

Insider Trading

  • Form 4/5 compliance monitoring for insiders
  • Section 16b short swing profit monitoring
  • Monitoring buying and selling activity in relation to material disclosures
  • Monitoring share lending and hypothecation in short sales
  • Identifying uncovered short selling activity in company stock


  • Effectively communicating material information to current shareholders
  • Tracking and monitoring compliance with Regulation FD

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