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INTREorg provides Consulting Services for public companies in the areas of Management, Finance, Compliance, and Investor Relations. INTREorg’s consultants utilize the company’s proprietary STA system along with other tools to provide a unique perspective and solutions for our customers.

INTREorg uses a process that has been developed through years of practice and refinement. This process is Gather, Analyze, Inform, and Navigate. Although this seems simple, the knowledge of what data is important, what the changes mean and what can legally be dome with the information is what separates us from other companies.


INTREorg identifies and compiles relevant data from multiple sources, then digitizes and organizes the data so that it can be analyzed. Knowing what data points are relevant is critical to INTREorg’s success.


INTREorg evaluates the data using its proprietary system to apply its knowledge and expertise to understand how the data points affect each other and in turn how it affects the market capitalization of the customer.


INTREorg provides reporting to companies in concise manageable reports designed to create an understanding of the data and how it impacts the company.


INTREorg provides actionable steps, whether it is to enhance shareholder value, position the company to raise capital, or mitigate liabilities.

INTREorg’s business strategy is to position ourselves as the leading provider of premium Consulting services for Micro-Cap, Small-Cap, and Mid-Cap growth companies. INTREorg believes it can attain this strategic objective by delivering a blend of business and technology offerings:

  • Envision and realize strategic business solutions to serve INTREorg clients by delivering industry-based process re-engineering services coupled with strategic technology management services
  • Implement Corporate Performance Management solutions to improve financial performance and operating metrics across a client’s enterprise
  • Optimize business processes to improve the delivery of products and services
  • Provide program and project management
  • Offer a complete range of managed IT services that enable INTREorg’s middle-market clients to concentrate on their core business, while being assured their technical infrastructure will support them as they grow
  • Leverage the Company’s blend of industry and technology expertise across all of INTREorg’s service offerings

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