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Redefining "Partnership"

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Company Profile

INTREorg Systems Inc. “INTREorg” was founded in 2004 and became a fully reporting company with the Securities & Exchange Commission “SEC”, in October 2008. The company is a consulting and SAAS provider to publically traded companies. INTREorg specializes in emerging growth companies with revenues up to $500 million. The company believes that it is positioned to be the industry leader in consulting and SaaS for Shareholder Analytics.

Mission Statement

Become the recognized industry leader in shareholder analytics, shareholder compliance and related consulting services for Micro-Cap, Small-Cap, and Mid-Cap Market Growth companies.

“Redefining Partnership”

Running a successful business in today’s market is a challenging endeavor. Running a successful publically traded business can be even more challenging due to regulatory oversight, the daily mark to market, and ongoing reporting requirements. Many CEO’s of emerging growth companies simply do not have the experience or resources to handle the challenges of being public.

That is where a “partnership” with INTREorg can help. Through our consulting services and SaaS, INTREorg helps companies understand what is affecting their market capitalization and develop a strategy for improving their presence in the market while monitoring potential illegal and/or damaging transactions in the market.

INTREorg further enhances its “partnership” with the company by aligning its consulting services compensation with the success of the company.

INTREorg uses a process that has been developed through years of practice and refinement.
This process is Gather, Analyze, Inform, and Navigate.

Although this seems simple, the knowledge of what data is important, what the changes mean and what can legally be done with the information is what separates us from other companies.


INTREorg identifies and compiles relevant data from multiple sources, then digitizes and organizes the data so that it can be analyzed. Knowing what data points are relevant is critical to INTREorg’s success.


INTREorg evaluates the data using its proprietary system to apply its knowledge and expertise to understand how the data points affect each other and in turn how it affects the market capitalization of the customer.


INTREorg provides reporting to companies in concise manageable reports designed to create an understanding of the data and how it impacts the company.


INTREorg provides actionable steps, whether it is to enhance shareholder value, position the company to raise capital, or mitigate liabilities.

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