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IT Outsourcing

INTREorg Systems provides Information Technology solutions to assist the Company’s clients in assessing their business needs and identifying the IT solutions to meet these needs. INTREorg delivers services that include the selection and implementation of packaged software and the design, construction, testing, and integration of new systems.

The primary focus of INTREorg’s IT Outsourcing Services is to assume all of the responsibility of a client’s IT organization. In most cases, INTREorg would acquire the client’s current personnel and augment that expertise with the Company’s extensive IT experience as well as its industry partners. This approach allows INTREorg to help the Company’s customers minimize the costs associated with acquiring and training an IT staff—allowing them to focus their time and resources on their core business.

INTREorg’s IT Outsourcing Services segment provides help desk and infrastructure support around-the-clock (24x7x365) for its clients, its end-users and other constituencies. The Company maintains and supports a full range of its clients’ IT and business process infrastructures from network environments to computing systems, and from shrink-wrapped applications to advanced proprietary and acquired application systems.

Computing Services

INTREorg helps its customers manage all of their computing resources more effectively. Computing Services include:

  • IT Backup and Recovery services
  • Data Center Outsourcing
  • Database Management
  • Accounting and Email
  • Facility Management

Network Management Services

INTREorg manages its client’s entire Wide Area Network (WAN) for maximum performance and reliability. The Company uses its internal expertise and its client’s personnel to manage disparate carriers and providers to provide maximum up time and higher efficiencies. Network Management Services include:

  • Managed Communication Services – critical networks and connectivity
  • Remote Access Services – Support secure and cost-effective remote access using the latest in wireless and wired technology
  • On-site Network Management – maximizing network uptime and device functionality

Security Services

The Company provides custom security solutions for its clients, regardless of the size or complexity of their system. INTREorg works with its clients to identify key threats and risks, create customized security policies, and then install, implement and manage the security solution. Security services include:

  • Network Security – intrusion detection, secure VPN access
  • Application Security – monitor and protect email and web content
  • Security Monitoring – effective monitoring and management of the client’s network

Application Services

INTREorg Systems offers Application Services such as application development and maintenance. INTREorg will be available for maintenance and consulting throughout the use of the product, whether custom or packaged application software. Services Include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance – including custom and packaged application software
  • Application Systems Migration and Testing – migration of legacy environment applications to current technologies
  • Application Assessment and Evaluation
  • Hardware and Architecture Consulting
  • System Integration
  • INTREorg-Based Services

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