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Redefining "Partnership"

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INTREorg Systems, Inc. or “INTREorg” is a consulting and SaaS provider for publically traded companies. The company is built on the knowledge and experience of over five decades of capital markets experience. INTREorg’s services play a vital role in helping companies understand broker-dealer, clearing firm and shareholder position movements and how they impact a company’s market value.

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Redefining “Partnership”

Running a successful publically traded business in today’s market is a challenging endeavor. Many CEO’s simply do not have the experience or resources necessary. That is where a “partnership” with INTREorg can help. Through our consulting services and SaaS, INTREorg helps companies understand what is affecting their market capitalization and develop a strategy for improving their presence in the market.

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INTREorg has developed a proprietary system that provides valuable information for public company CEO’s, CFO’s, Counsel and IR professionals. Share Tracker Analytics or STA is a SaaS system that analyzes multiple data sources to generate knowledge and insight about the interactions of a public company’s stock.

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INTREorg provides Consulting Services for public companies in the areas of Shareholder Analysis, Capital Funding Strategies, Compliance, and Investor Relations. INTREorg’s consultants utilize the company’s proprietary STA system along with other tools to provide a unique perspective and solutions for our customers.

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INTREorg’s IT Services are designed to allow smaller companies to leverage INTREorgs suite of products and services to compete in today’s competitive market. We provide solutions for IT Outsourcing, Software as a Service “SaaS”, and Enterprise Support.

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INTREorg provides access to data that allows management to understand how to structure its debt and equity offerings. INTREorg has built a network of investors who understand our process and believe that our process helps mitigate some of the risks associated with investing in smaller high growth companies.

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